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About Us


 Casey & Sons Aviation is a dedicated Aircraft Maintenance provider to General Aviation, Currently based in Northern Florida. With a team of experts boasting over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry. We are well placed to help our clients Aircraft maintenance needs. As a company, we believe in building long lasting client partnership which helps us all grow. We specialize in Annual inspections, Pre-buy evaluations, STC, Aircraft Repair and Maintenance. CALL NOW to schedule an appointment.

 The personal touch in the services we offer is key in making sure General Aviation achieve optimum growth in today aviation market. Our team will take the time to understand more about the immediate surrounding community and align our strategy to your goals for a unique fit. You can expect ongoing support and top tier customer service. We provide regular quality and customer satisfaction follow up to allow you to see the impact of our work, and provide opportunities for continuous improvement. 

 Our insurance covers your aircraft while in the hangar, during the time maintenance is being performed. Using legitimate maintenance facilities at an airport improves and promotes General Aviation and helps keep the cost of every ones insurance down.

 We perform maintenance, service, repairs, major repairs, major alterations, Dynamic Propeller Balancing, A/C service, O2 Service and much more on many aircraft. Our shop rate is $100 per hour. For an additional charge we can have your aircraft picked up and delivered by a professional Pilot.

 Remember that long life and continued efficient operation from your aircraft depends on the care and accuracy in which inspections and maintenance are performed. If you need a ferry permit, we can assist in getting one for you.

 Trust Casey & Sons Aviation to perform quality aircraft maintenance, inspections, repairs, and dynamic propeller balancing. With a collective experience of more than 40 years, our Aviation Technicians can efficiently meet the needs of most GA Aircraft.

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